Why Choose 5

Who We Are

We’re a different kind of energy advisory and brokerage firm and our goal is simple: to use our knowledge of the energy industry to help people. We created 5 because we felt that it was the best platform from which to achieve our mission.

Why The Name 5?

We get this question a lot! For organizations and individuals that have achieved great success, the number 5 often signifies “best in class,” whether referring to culture, leadership, customer service, innovation, or the organization as a whole.

The name 5 is a constant reminder of our relentless pursuit to be better. “Have we done everything possible for our customers, suppliers, vendors and each other today?” We are committed to delivering level 5 in all that we do.

What Makes Us Different

With unmatched industry experience and a commitment to helping others as our primary goal, 5 really is different from other energy advisory and brokerage firms. Here are five reasons why (for starters):

  1. Experience that covers the entire spectrum of responsibilities at successful energy companies, including risk management, operations, pricing, billing, sales, load forecasting, wholesale trading, corporate strategy, revenue management and even a few past President/CEO roles as well.
  2. Access to market-leading information that we utilize to educate customers and create strategy roadmaps.
  3. Proprietary models to identify pricing trends and create timing opportunities.
  4. Founding partners who are 100% dedicated to supporting our customers and Energy Advisors.
  5. A team-based approach to serving customers that allows us to combine the strengths of our entire workforce for your benefit.

Contact us today to learn more about how we’re different — and how we can put that difference to work for you. We want to change the way you think about the energy business!