Untangling home energy costs

Electricity – we all need it. And lots of places sell it. It seems like every electricity company out there is talking about their great rates and creative energy plans.

But who's doing it right?

Some websites show you dozens of suppliers, all their plans and prices. But does that really help make choosing easier? Digging through multiple companies' websites looking for hidden fees is no fun. We take a different approach. We wouldn't send our friends and family to those sites, so why should we send you? We wanted to make it a little easier.

Let us help you.

What is the Home Energy Advisor?

Our Home Energy Advisor tool is designed to help people quickly see our top picks in residential energy.

Just follow the simple steps to see the electricity providers we recommend to our friends and family. Providers don't pay to be on our site, we choose them. And the rates they offer are the same or better than if you went to their site directly so it's free to you.

To keep it simple, we only choose our favorites based on a combination of price and service. They're all good.

So, why did we create this tool?

Everybody has something they're really good at. Well, we know energy. It's not as cool as flying jets but it's probably every bit as complicated. You see energy prices change on a daily basis – sort of like the stock market. Prices change, products change, companies change and service quality changes.

We watch for those changes.

In the end, we really just want to help people save some cash and relieve a little stress around buying electricity.